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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What the kids are doing now

Here are some interesting and cute things the kids are doing:

-Rinnah waves now. Well, sort of. If you wave at her, she'll hold up her arm in sort of a "Heil Hitler" kind of way and give you a big grin. It's really cute.

-When Rinnah cries, Ian informs us that she's crying, then goes over to her and repeatedly says, "Happy. Happy. Happy." Sometimes it's a question, other times it's more of a command.

-Ian has his moments of inexplicable moodiness and tantrums. For example, yesterday he was furious that we wouldn't let him take the parmesan cheese from the fridge and put it in the microwave. Even though he's screaming, we can't keep ourselves from laughing a bit.

-Every time Rinnah looks at his shoes, he tells her "No eat brown shoes! Yucky!" He says something similar every time she looks at or approaches pretty much anything inedible. It's nice to give us a little warning to keep her from eating something.

-Ian has trouble putting the S sound at the beginning of a word. It always goes at the end. So "spoon" becomes "boons", "swing" becomes "wings", "stuck" becomes "ducks", etc. He also tends to switch the hard C sound with the final sound, so "cup" becomes "puck" for example. Sometimes it's very interesting trying to translate what he says. It's like translating someone talking in polish and pig latin at the same time.

-Ian was drawing today and he kept saying "IG369" while he was drawing. At least 7 different times. It must be a code for something, because he said it the exact same every time.

Here are two videos from today.


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