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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mom's house

We've spent a lot of time at my mom's house this past week, mostly because my brother Jon has been visiting from Colorado. We had a nice time visiting together over several meals while he was in town.

A lot of time has been spent cleaning her basement. My mom has always liked to collect things and she keeps some things for sentimental reasons, like old toys and artwork from me and my brothers. My dad kept all sorts of old magazines, paperwork, and boxes in piles around the house. And they built a big beautiful home that they planned to retire in and never had a need to really clean things out because there was plenty of space. With five kids at home there never seemed to be time for a big spring cleaning.

But then my dad passed away, and my mom is thinking she may eventually move to a different place, so she's (wisely) trying to get rid of some of the excess now, while there are plenty of people to pitch in. We have been helping her a lot with big heavy items in the basement that have been left from building the house and from when a tornado hit the house a few years back. We got a lot of work done, and mom got a lot more things together to put in the next garage sale. But it was still a bit sad to not be able to spend time together playing board games since there was so much work to do downstairs.

I look at our giant pile of stuff we're trying to sell, plus the things we have decided to keep. Even after just two years in this house I'm amazed at the clutter we have. It's easy to see how the amount of stuff could grow so quickly after years in the same place when you have the space to not worry about getting rid of things.

I'm hoping that this time in the RV will give us a new mindset, of trying to NOT accumulate stuff instead of always looking for the next new thing. I'm hoping it will teach us to be content in a smaller space that makes it much less tempting to fill our home up with things, simply because we won't have the extra room. I'm hoping we'll just get out of the habit of constantly getting new things and we'll get used to being happy with what we already have.


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