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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Meet the Weatherfords

We are the Weatherford family! Until recently, we were a very typical American family-two beautiful children, a home on a quiet street, quietly settling into our lives as a family with kids. But as we explored our options for relocating, we found that nothing really satisfied us. We have grown increasingly disenchanted with our ever-growing pile of things, while so many family and friends become increasingly difficult to reach due to the time and money constraints of traveling. We decided to take this opportunity to teach our children (and ourselves) that we really need less than we think we do, and it's more valuable to fill our hearts with people and our minds with wonderful memories than it is to fill our house with things.

Jeremy works as a software developer for a company in Cleveland, Ohio. He is most excited to take this adventure before settling down for good.

Kim takes care of our two adorable kids. She is most excited to be traveling again-that has been something that was difficult to give up after having kids. She is most concerned about changing her shopping habits-normally her couponing will yield large quantities of free or nearly free items at a time, but we will no longer have room to store them! She is looking forward to seeing family, friends from college, and the Grand Canyon.

Ian is 2 years old and it shows. He loves dogs, big trucks, and the color orange. He does everything big-big hugs, big laughs, and sometimes big tantrums. He is a very good big brother and loves to help get snacks and toys for his sister. She enjoys his big kisses too!

Rinnah was born in July 2008, and she is just learning to crawl, stand, and take a few steps. She is a sweetheart and greets everyone with a huge, captivating smile.


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