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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More stuff

It's kind of disgusting how much time I've been spending lately on stuff. It takes so much time to get rid of things.

Ian was over at a friend's house this morning and Rinnah cooperated and took a good morning nap, so I had some quality work time this morning. Sorted and priced more garage sale things (I hope people buy them, because I'm getting tired of looking at all this junk) and packed up a few more things we won't need anymore around the house, plus did a little cleaning.

We took some measurements today because there was a small washer & dryer on sale at Home Depot, but it's a good thing we measured. Width-wise it would fit, but it was too deep to be in our washer closet.

Tomorrow Jeremy is off to Quincy to take a Cisco test. Since our truck seems to be leaking power steering fluid, I'll probably be staying at home with the kids. That's just as well when I've got them on my own.

Ian has been doing some cute things lately. When he doesn't want to go to bed, he says "I want wake up!" He doesn't like getting water in his eyes in the tub but won't lean back for anything when I wash his hair, so I got him a pair of goggles. He didn't like to wear them, but he is now greatly comforted by holding them in his hand. Not over his eyes, just in his fist. He says they help. LOL

And Rinnah now plays peek-a-boo fairly regularly, pulling a bib or toy over her face to 'hide'. She's also doing a lot more babbling, which is really adorable to listen to. It will be so much fun when she can talk too!


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