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Friday, May 29, 2009

Another day, another truckload of stuff

We brought a whole truckload of stuff over to my mom's for storage again today. It makes me wish I had more time to really weed through everything and sell more of it off. There shouldn't be this many things that we can live without for two years but we still want when we come back. Oh well, it is what it is because we're in a hurry.

Tomorrow is our last big workday until crunch week. Jeremy's parents are coming this Saturday (woohoo!) and on Friday my brother is graduating from high school. I'm hoping to pack up the boxes for our resupply (my mom will either bring them when she meets up with us or ship them to us) and finish organizing the boxes already in storage so the space will be ready to just bring in all the furniture when we move it over. We also need to get some of the smaller touches done on the trailer, like buying screws to mount the toilet paper holder. Small but important details. :)

It's going to be a fun couple of months. We're really excited to have Jeremy's parents here-they haven't seen the kids in person since last summer shortly after Rinnah was born. And soon after that we'll start on our adventures, and the first month or so is packed with fun adventures and visits with friends and family.


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