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Thursday, May 28, 2009

More preparations

Jeremy has really been helping a lot around the house lately, and Rinnah was very cooperative during Ian's nap so I got several more boxes packed today. I'm hoping to make our move on the 19th as easy as possible, since we're trying to take only one day to

-move all the furniture out of our house and into storage at my mom's,
-move everything we need into the trailer
-clean our entire house

and somehow squeeze in meals and naps for the kids.

There's a lot we can't pack up yet, since Jeremy's parents are coming and obviously we'll want to have a place for them to sleep, and chairs to sit in, and food to eat. But there are still some things to pack and sort. Today I sorted through most of our medicine and decided what to take and what to pack in a resupply box. I've also packed up the cases to our dvds (we're just bringing the movies in a big album) and all our music cds. Lots of these things I wish we had more time to sort/sell/give away, but we're feeling kind of crunched so it's just winding up in boxes. We'll probably be kicking ourselves when we have to unpack it all again.


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