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Monday, May 18, 2009

My camera was received for repairs today, so hopefully in 7-10 business days I'll have it back and can start updating with new pictures again.

Rinnah had some labwork done today, finally. The nurses in the peds office tried last week, and the result was blown veins in both arms, a very traumatized little girl, and a big brother who did not understand why Rinnah kept crying and got owies at the doctors office. Today we went to the hospital lab. It still took several attempts and both arms, but it's done finally. Hopefully that will come back normal and reassure us that it's only because she's stubborn that she's not eating and staying so tiny.

She has two appointments tomorrow-one with the eye doctor because her eyes keep getting gooky and watery, like a tear duct still hasn't opened. The second is with a nutritionist who will hopefully give us some tricks to get her to eat more. That appointment seems to be helping already since Rinnah decided today that she loves cantaloupe and she finished most of a jar of carrots at dinner. I guess just the threat of going somewhere is helping. :)

Originally I was just going to bring Ian with me, but now with two appointments that span the lunch hour and guarantee that we'd be home at least two hours late for his nap, I think he's going to stay here. He'll go to his friend's house in the morning, then Jeremy can bring him home for his nap and *fingers crossed* he'll sleep until I get home.


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