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Friday, May 8, 2009

Our house is back!

We picked up the trailer today. Boy, we were glad we went with a local dealer!! I know problems can happen with any trailer, and it was really nice to not have to pay for the repairs. They wrote up an invoice-it would have been over $1000 to fix the tank because it took 16 hours of labor. 16 hours! That's crazy! At any rate, we're very thankful to a) have our camper back, b) have the leak (presumably) fixed, and c) not have to pay the bill.

We're still debating furniture options. We've toyed around with the idea of toddler bunk beds. Currently we have these popup beds for the kids

They are great. They give the kids a little "room" of their own. Ian can sit up in the center. They fold up very small and they set up really quickly. We can definitely get by with these.

We're considering something like this:

From A Different Road

Toddler sized bunk beds, much shorter than a normal bunk. The top of the post is 5' high in this one. We'd probably make it a few inches shorter than that to clear the upper cabinets. The advantage would be a more permanent setup area, where we could leave the beds made on travel days and give the kids a little bigger space of their own, plus during sleeping time we'd be taking up less floor space than the current beds. The disadvantage is obviously that it takes up this much room all the time, and we don't know what it would do to the perceived space in the trailer with the open feel that the designers worked so hard for.

Ian was SO excited to ride in the truck and pick up the new house today. All day he was saying he wanted to sleep in the new house, or play in the new house, or ride in the truck. I switched the car seats around so he's in the center now, and with the console folded down he has a fantastic view out the windshield. He just ate that up. The whole time we drove he gave us a running commentary about the various colored trucks, cars, and cows that he saw. It was fun to hear him talk so much. I hope he's always this excited about riding in the truck!


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