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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Love the stroller

Wow, we should have bought this earlier!

This thing is amazing. I can push and steer it with one hand, even with both kids in it. On our first walk, Rinnah fell asleep. Rinnah, who hasn't gone to sleep for me in less than 45 minutes for the last three weeks. She fell asleep. So I came home for the debit card and shopping list and we walked to Aldi, about a mile away. In the store, I felt like I could blow on the handlebar and that would be enough to push it. Super easy to steer and spun right around the corner. Rinnah ended up sleeping for most of the walk, about 45 minutes. I guess she loves the stroller too. Ian was excited about the huge canopies that actually come down far enough to keep the sun out of his eyes. And there was a perfect little handlebar console thing with pockets for my phone and keys. We took it for a walk to the park tonight, and Jeremy was equally impressed. Now we just need to find a deal on the waterproof bag so we can haul it around in the back of the truck.

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