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Thursday, May 21, 2009


I went back to Walgreens last night since there are several money-making deals this week, and I wanted to get some more things to sell in our garage sale on Saturday. I walked in the door and saw that my arch-nemesis was working the cash register. She's the one who gives me the hardest time and scrutinizes my coupons like the money is coming from her own paycheck.

When I was finished shopping, I tried to find another place to check out, but hers was the only lane open. "Here we go," I thought to myself. I greeted her and put my items up on the counter. The first problem was with a pack of Boost Kid Essentials I bought for Ian. There was a $2 peelie coupon on the package that she insisted she HAD to use because she pulled it off the product. But I showed her that I had a $5 coupon from somewhere else. She kept saying that no, she had to use the peelie. She wouldn't let me keep the other coupon and threw it away when I insisted on the higher value one. Oh well, I wouldn't buy another with only $2 off anyway.

The next problem was an insect repellent that was on clearance for $3.59 and I had a $5 coupon. She just kept saying, "You already are getting this for only $3 and you want MORE off? No." I politely asked if we could run that by a manager, and it took some time because the manager was confused too, but eventually they rang up the item for $5 and let me use my coupon. Good enough.

Then she realized that the same thing was going to happen with the kids' drinks, since they rang up for $4.99 and I had $5 coupons. The manager just pushed that through since it was only a penny.

During this time she kept saying things like, "We all work hard for our money and you just want things for free!" "It's already on sale-you're getting this for only $5 and you want to use a coupon too?" "You always do this, you come in and you try to get things for free." I explained that yes, I do try to get things for free. We do all work hard for our money and my family is no exception-I consider it a 'job' to make my husband's paycheck go as far as possible. And no, I don't want to buy the product for $5-I want to buy it for free, because I do have a coupon. Walgreens still gets paid, just from the company instead of me.

She kept mumbling about how I was going to call district and complain. I did call district one time after three times in a week, the employees wouldn't let me use two register rewards (a walgreens coupon that prints at checkout) on the same transaction even though the fine print said I should be able to. And I didn't even name her name! But she says, "I know you called, and that's when they told us to keep an eye on you." They were 'watching' me long before I made that call.

The cashier couldn't keep her mouth shut and the manager eventually suggested that she go straighten up the candy aisle while he finished checking me out (and let me use my coupons). Overall, I found this whole thing a little amusing. Sometimes it gets to me and I get really frustrated that they make me feel like I'm stealing the products or something because I get things for free. But last night I just found it kind of entertaining. Maybe because things turned out my way in the end. At any rate, I did bring home two bags of things and got paid about $15 to do it, plus I have some more products to sell on Saturday and got a bunch of free things for us. Not bad for an hour's work.


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