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Friday, May 22, 2009

More garage sale prep

We spent the whole day today at my mom's house again (well, except Jeremy who came after work) getting things ready for the garage sale. We picked up some extra tables from church, set up the tables, and organized things on the tables. This way in the morning, for the most part all we need to do is carry the tables outside and we're ready to go.

Ian has been wonderful these two days at mom's, and I've been able to do plenty of work while he's around. Rinnah has been far less cooperative, especially for naptimes, but we've done alright despite that. I really hope people come and buy most of this stuff from us, because I am tired of looking at it and a little disgusted/sad that we have it all to begin with. I think we'll be taking a big truckload of stuff over to Goodwill before we leave if the sale doesn't go over big.


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