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Monday, May 11, 2009

Time is going fast

Today Ian had his speech lessons and did very well. Every few weeks lately he makes a huge leap, and today was one of those days. His pronunciation with certain sounds is getting a lot better, and he's starting to put "ing" on words. It's neat to see his progress.

I spent some time today looking for a nice folding chair for Jeremy that could fit between the bed and the dresser in the master bedroom. If we could find a comfortable one, I think that's our best bet for him to work. So far the ones I found are only sold in sets of 2 or 4 and they're kind of pricey to be buying extras we don't need.

We're also working on the list of what we still need to purchase before we hit the road. There aren't very many things left, but a few things for the trailer like bars for the living room shelves so items can't fall on top of the slide room when we're traveling will be helpful.

Things will be moving fast from here on out. Next weekend is our garage sale, then two weeks later Jeremy's parents are coming to visit, then a week after they leave we head out. It's so close now!


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