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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Plodding along

Today Jeremy took a test for work. He's been studying for months now, and had to drive all the way to Quincy (about an hour and a half) to take it. He passed! Yea! I know he feels better now that that is over with.

I was home with the kids, and I'm so thankful that Jeremy isn't away every day. It was amazing how much more isolated and overwhelmed I felt when the kids acted up when I knew I didn't have Jeremy downstairs to call if I really needed him. Jeremy was a lot more stressed and worn out today too, between the driving and the stress of the exam. We're both glad that this is not a typical workday for him. It definitely reminds us to be thankful for Jeremy being able to work from home.

This morning, I had Ian say "Good luck, Daddy!" as best he could. Jeremy came home during Ian's nap, so when Ian woke up I had him practice "Good job, Daddy." He said it, or at least he tried. So we went into the living room, and I said, "Okay, Ian-can you say what we practiced for Daddy?" He thought very hard, concentrated, and very clearly said:

"Happy Mothers Day"

That cracked us up! I'm so excited that he's at the age where he's saying funny things now. He makes us laugh every day.

I'm getting my shopping lists and coupons together for a big trip to Springfield tomorrow with the kids. Lots of deals to be had this week, and even though we are doing our best to eat through our stockpile, there are deals on things which we use a lot of and/or will keep for a really long time, so I can't pass it up this week. I hope the kids cooperate. It always makes for a really long morning for them when we drive out there to shop.

The realtor also called tonight wanting to lower the price on our house. I don't think we're ready to do that just yet. We'd love to sell the house, but not so much that we want to give it away. Even if we can't stay on the road full-time until it sells, our only time constraints are self-imposed. We think it's too soon to drop the price. There's no going back once it's lowered. I think we're going to wait it out a little longer.


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