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Saturday, May 9, 2009


I had some big plans for today and what I was going to get done. They didn't all happen, but it was still a good day spending time with people.

As far as they trailer, I took some measurements and looked around a bit. I think the toddler bunk beds would be too tall since they need to fit under the low (under 5') ceiling in the slide area and still have room for Ian to sit up on the top bunk. So what I think would be the best option would be to build a loft for Ian's popup bed, possibly just build something to elevate the toddler bed we currently have. Rinnah's bed would then be on the floor under his. This way we still have the advantage of the kids getting accustomed to these tent beds we could take into other people's houses when we visit, they have an enclosed space without having to hang something from uneven ceilings, and we have the ability to fold up at least Rinnah's bed and still make use of the floor space if we choose. As a bonus this option is a lot less expensive since it uses what we already have. I wonder if that's something we could build ourselves?

Still trying to figure out a solution for the bedroom. I wish there was a way we could put our bed on a loft and give Jeremy an office underneath, but with only a 7' ceiling to work with I don't think that's really possible. We just need a REALLY slim profile office chair I guess. Either that or a bed that could raise up to the ceiling for Jeremy to work and lower down so we could actually get into it without having to army crawl.


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