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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Off to the shop

Jeremy took our trailer off to the dealer today. They didn't sound too excited about looking for the leak, but they did have a few ideas about loose valves that would also explain our troubles with the pump. If that's it, it would be a lot simpler to fix. Here's hoping!

I went on a big shopping spree at the secondhand store again today. I've been gradually trying to pick up more things for the kids because I don't want to have to pay full price as the kids grow or have to spend hours hunting through garage sales in strange places. I realize I can't get everything ahead of time, but I'm hoping to have the bulk of their wardrobes for the next few years purchased before we go. I've had better luck shopping for Rinnah than Ian. The only trouble is that I keep finding these adorable little dresses and outfits, so she's only going to have cute clothes and hardly anything to run around and get dirty in!

Still working on garage sale stuff. I did some more sorting and there's still a great big pile of things to price. If we can get that done, I'd really like to sort through some baby clothes and sell about half of those too. I have some doubts about being able to pull that off and actually be ready to move in about six weeks.

That's right, six weeks! Before we know it we'll be on the road!


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