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Friday, May 1, 2009

Back to the dealer

Well, it appears we may be having some problems with our water tank after all. It sounds like that wouldn't normally be a big deal, but ours has a spiffy enclosed underbelly that keeps things from freezing and also keeps us from being able to repair it ourselves. We're dropping it off at the dealer tomorrow so they can take a look at it on Monday and also install the screen room for us. Hopefully the water tank will be a quick fix.

We've been getting more things ready for the garage sale. The second garage sale will be in another three weeks, so it's not right around the corner but I would like to get a LOT more stuff priced and sorted, so I'm working on it. It's really amazing and sad all at the same time how much stuff we have that we don't need.

I also sorted and boxed the kids' clothes that I have for them to grow into. Definitely need a few more things for Ian, but I'm keeping my eyes open. They're in priority mail boxes, so if there isn't room to take them in the trailer we'll just have them ready to go from here. And we'll also be able to ship back the clothes they outgrow in case I can't find a resale shop who will buy them back.

Here's a picture of my family tonight. All my brothers were in town, so we got a group shot:

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