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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another first for Ian

Ian reached another milestone today-the first time he blamed his sister for something.

He couldn't find his toy 5th wheel, and when he did find it he claimed that Rinnah was playing with it and Rinnah moved it! Later he was looking for a pacifier at Grandma's house and it turned up on the floor next to the crib, and he said Rinnah dropped it. I guess that's an exciting stage to enter, huh?

Today was a big work day on the garage sale. I took the kids over to my mom's house and spent most of the day pricing and sorting more things, plus getting the trailer ready to move. After work Jeremy came and moved the trailer to the church parking lot and helped me price a few more things. I'll go back over tomorrow with the kids and we'll try to get a lot of things set out on tables so they'll be ready to go first thing Saturday morning. So far the weather report looks good. I hope we have a big turnout again like we did last time.


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