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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Garage sale round 2

was a huge success! We sold many items and cleared out a lot of our excess. And the funds will help purchase the last few items we still need for the trailer. I'm glad that we're able to get so much more stuff out. Once again, it was shocking and appalling to see how much extra stuff we've had lying around, that quite honestly we would have just packed into boxes and dragged along to the next house if we weren't moving into the trailer. I'm so glad that we've had some prompting to do some serious housecleaning and cut down on our stuff.

We've been looking at some numbers for the "what if our house doesn't sell" option and it's actually looking a lot better than we had originally thought. We'll probably still leave in June, if we can get everything done. We're trying to figure out whether it's cheaper to come home in the fall (and turn on heat, internet, water, etc) or to stay camping in a warmer climate (and pay campground fees) but keep driving to a minimum and stay at places for a few weeks to a month and get cheaper campground fees. It's an interesting question-the numbers are a lot closer than we expected them to be.


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