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Monday, May 4, 2009


I've been on a shopping spree for the last week or two. I buy most of the clothes for our kids at a great little second-hand shop down the street. Her prices are awesome-$.25 for a t-shirt, $3 for jeans, $5 for winter coats or fancy dresses. I've been trying to buy most of what the kids need for the next two years. I washed all the clothes, sorted them by size, and boxed them up today.

From A Different Road

We're packing them in post office boxes because if there isn't room in the trailer for them, we'll be mailing them to ourselves along the way. And even if there is room, we'll be mailing back the outgrown clothes. Hopefully we'll only need to buy underwear, socks, shoes, and maybe an occasional supplemental item or two that I realize I overlooked, especially in the bigger sizes. This should be the bulk of what they need though. We've got clothes for Ian in sizes 3 and 4 (he currently wears size 2) and clothes for Rinnah in sizes 12months to 24 months (she currently wears size 6 months, but the 9 month clothes are in her dresser already). In the tub we have winter coats for them, which we hope to only rarely need.

We also sat down and looked at the calendar today, and realized that there's really only one free Saturday between now and when we're hoping to hit the road, and that one is now earmarked for renting a moving truck. Kind of crazy to think about it on such a fixed timetable. I think we're about at the point to start packing up the clothes we won't be taking with us, and some of the other items that won't be coming. Pretty soon we'll pick a date to move into the trailer, since we'd like to be in it for a few days or a week while we clean out the house.

We're really looking forward to hitting the road!


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