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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rinnah's First Steps

Rinnah took her first steps today at the park, and we even caught it on video! This is the first time she took more than one step. We're so proud of her! I guess we got those walking shoes for her just in time.

Yeah, I know the video quality is lousy, but that's because we don't have the right cables and such to actually upload the video direct from the good video camera. At least you can get the idea.

Today we went out to Boulder to see where my brother Jon has been working and spending most of his time for the last few years. We went for a walk downtown, bought some delicious peaches at the farmer's market, and had a fantastic lunch at Old Chicago pizza.

Boulder is a cool town. It's like a new generation of hippies. Everywhere we looked there was organic food, wheat-free options, grass-fed meat, baby carriers, plus all the license plates and bumper stickers reflecting a hippy-esque lifestyle. If we lived here, I think I would find lots of crunchy cloth diapering, babywearing friends.


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