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Sunday, August 23, 2009


We've had a nice weekend here. No posting yesterday because the campground wifi has been flaky. Yesterday we went to the Natural History museum here. They had a huge exhibit on frogs, with all sorts of different exotic frogs and toads from around the world. We even got to be there when they were feeding the frogs. Ian loved it.

From Salt Lake City

Ian practicing jumping like a frog
From Salt Lake City

Coming out for a snack
From Salt Lake City

Listening to frog calls
From Salt Lake City

Today we went to a park with a HUGE playground. Unfortunately, it was pretty overrun with kids whose inattentive parents were nowhere nearby, and Ian got plowed over a few times and kicked in the head. :( Didn't seem to phase him too badly because he still had a good time. We may try to go back during the week when it would (hopefully) be less busy. We also got to skype Grandmother & Granddaddy Weatherford from the park, and then Grandma Fox & Uncle Mike when we got home.

Rinnah sneaking a snack
From Salt Lake City

Talking to Grandmother & Granddaddy
From Salt Lake City


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