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Sunday, August 2, 2009


This morning we were all set to go to church. We put Rinnah down for a quick nap before we left. Wouldn't you know that today is the day she decides to sleep for two hours. We almost made the 11:30 service, but after a few wrong turns we were going to be way late, so we didn't make it. I hope next week works out a little better scheduling-wise. We were disappointed not to go.

We ended up taking the kids to the park in Loveland again for a little while this afternoon. Ian got to play with the digger (his favorite) and we all rode the train again. We weren't there long, just enough to tire them out, but it was nice.

We did enjoy playing some board games with my brothers. We were hoping to play while the kids slept, but they woke up about five minutes into the game. They were fairly cooperative though so we still got to finish the game-it was fun to play a big board game again.

Then tonight we went out to Bent Fork Grill for Jeremy's birthday dinner. Very nice, and kind of unique stuff too-we had barbecue buffalo quesadillas for an appetizer, and they had things like salmon blt sandwiches, buffalo meatloaf, and elk sausage. Everything was very good.

Not sure yet what we're doing tomorrow. I think my mom & brothers are going to an art museum, which doesn't sound particularly kid-friendly to me. I hope that on Tuesday we can do something more kid fun. I'd like to spend time with them while we're all here, but it won't be any fun if the kids are miserable or I have to spend the whole time keeping them from touching anything.


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