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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Our house has sold! Woohoo!!!!!! Thank You Lord! We are all doing a happy dance! Of course the inspection & closing have to happen before we can stop paying the mortgage, but we have a signed contract!!

Part of why we're so happy is that we crunched some numbers, and we could be 100% debt-free in around two and a half years once we drop the mortgage payment. That's awesome! Then our goal is to never have a vehicle payment again; to always be saving up the money before we buy the car and avoid paying interest. It's crazy to realize how much money we've spent on interest over the last few years. Once we drop the mortgage, we'll be living a LOT cheaper in the RV, and we're excited about that.

In other news, we went to the Children's Museum today! We're staying very close to it, less than 2 miles away, and I'm glad for that because I think we'll be back often over the next few weeks.

Ian got to do a painting workshop there today:

From Salt Lake City

Rinnah loved this water feature. She must have stood there for 30 minutes, humming and singing to herself as she splashed in the water.
From Salt Lake City

Playing with the toys
From Salt Lake City

From Salt Lake City

And Rinnah fed herself a cup of yogurt today-she had a blast and actually did very well for her first time driving the spoon!
From Salt Lake City

From Salt Lake City


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