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Monday, August 17, 2009

Salt Lake City

We're here!

We spent all day trying to get a monthly site. Long story, but basically every time we went to the office we got a different story about which sites were available and how much they cost. Eventually we got one picked and we moved in. It's decent. There's a little gravel yard with a picnic table, and behind us there's a lot of extra asphalt, sort of an alleyway, where the kids can play. Ian's favorite thing is the storage shed, which is his "garage". It's a 10x10 newish plastic shed, so it's pretty clean and in good shape. It even has a little window that can open. Ian's car and bike are in there, along with a few outside toys. It will be nice on rainy days to have somewhere so close to play.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to start exploring the city!


Fastraveler said...

I am proud of you guys doing this and I am more than sure that Ian and Rinnah would enjoy every bit of these trips. It was nice talking to you and catching up with. Will stop by once in a while.

Kim & Jeremy said...

It was great to catch up with you too!

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