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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dinner attempt

Since we got such good news about the house yesterday, we decided to try to go out to dinner tonight to celebrate. It's so rare, that when we told Ian what we were doing, he got all excited that he was going to see his uncles. (That's usually the only time we go out to eat, with Grandma Fox & his uncles.) We found a deli that's supposed to have amazing sandwiches, but all the reviews talked about lunch. I called and asked if you could still get a sandwich for dinner and they said yes. We went over there and it turns out they're open for dinner, but they transform into a fancy italian restaurant. Rinnah was a bit squirrely and it was getting late, so we opted against that.

Next we went to a bakery that's supposed to have the best desserts in Salt Lake City. They have a little restaurant too, but nothing looked particularly exciting. So we got dessert to go and picked up a $5 pizza on the way home. Not quite the fancy dinner we had imagined, but still no cooking and no dishes!


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