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Sunday, August 30, 2009


We went to a different church today. This one we really liked. Their worship band was a bluesy-jazzy feel, and it was so refreshingly different. Songs we've heard before but in a different style. The pastor was good too. He had a few strange nuances that we had to get past, but the message was very good. We'll be going back there next week.

When we got home we spent a little time outside taking pictures. The neighbor lady had come by yesterday to offer the use of her yard for us. They've got a nice grassy patch, but our spot only has rocks and asphalt. We went over there and played for awhile in the grass and took some pictures. I was concentrating on getting sharp focus, and I think this was my best shot for the day:

From Salt Lake City

This afternoon I went out to the grocery store again, and then spent some time trying to figure out where to put the 26 boxes of cereal I bought. LOL Needless to say, we're stocked up for quite awhile. I just couldn't resist-with coupons, the store sale, and *hopefully* a rebate, they'll be free. Even if the rebate falls through it's a great price, and cereal stays good for a long time.

We also got to go to the park tonight and talk to Grandmother & Granddaddy Weatherford and Great-Grandmother Gunn. We're enjoying calling them from the park because the kids can run around and play but still come by and say hello.


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