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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New bike!

Today we got Ian his birthday present and let him have it a few weeks early:

From Salt Lake City

From Salt Lake City

It's a pedal-less bike. It's supposed to be easier for kids to learn their balance and go right to a pedal bike without ever having training wheels. At least from trying things in the store, Ian was a lot more confident on these than the training wheel bikes, and these were a much better height for him too. I think he's going to have a blast and be zipping around in no time.

We also did a quick grocery store run to take advantage of a sale. We wound up with a whole cart full of groceries-grapes, cheese, yogurt, crackers, bread, frozen pizza-for $46, but we got $5 off our next order and we'll get a $20 rebate. Woohoo!


John said...

I am enjoying traveling with you! I will keep praying for safe travel and for you all to enjoy being together! What a great opportunity. John Hume

Kim & Jeremy said...

Thanks for your prayers! We certainly appreciate them. How are things going at LABC?

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