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Monday, August 3, 2009

Jeremy's Birthday

Today was Jeremy's birthday!

He had to work of course, but we had a nice lunch of fancy chicken sandwiches. Then after work we drove out to the Denver airport, where his mom and grandmother had a layover. We got to visit with them for about 45 minutes-short but very sweet, since Granny Gunn hadn't gotten to meet Rinnah in person yet and it had been quite awhile since she'd been able to visit with Ian. It's also Jeremy's mom's birthday, so that was nice to see her and wish her a happy birthday in person. Ian drew her a picture this afternoon, but we left it in the truck. Oops.

From Loveland CO 2nd visit

From Loveland CO 2nd visit

After we came back, we had dinner outside and had birthday brownies.

From Loveland CO 2nd visit

Just for fun, here's Rinnah trying out Ian's bike.

From Loveland CO 2nd visit


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