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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another dull day

Boring day here. Cleaning and doing a little reorganizing since we're moving tomorrow. I was hoping to spend some time with my mom & brothers before they leave tomorrow but that didn't happen.

This weekend we're heading down closer to Denver. I'm looking forward to taking the kids to the museums again! They haven't gotten to do much this week, other than the minigolf at the campground which Ian loves. It's the sorriest minigolf course I've ever seen-looks like it's prime was about fifteen years ago and hasn't been touched since. The carpet only has a few tiny green flecks left, all the paint has chipped off and most of the boards are broken, and the putter selection looks like it came straight from Goodwill. One was actually a sand wedge. LOL The golf balls are kept in a plant potter complete with soil. And there's a cracked fountain that looks like it hasn't held water in years in the center. But Ian has a blast there and doesn't seem to know the difference. He probably likes it better since we've been the only ones to use it all week. :)


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