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Saturday, August 29, 2009

On to plan B

We had great plans this morning to go to the Treehouse Museum, which is supposed to be great for young kids. It's a good 40 minute drive away, so we headed out nice and early and arrived (much to our pleasant surprise) close to the opening time of 10. But when we got there, the museum was closed for the day to host some special event. Woulda been a nice thing to mention on their website (where we got directions & hours this morning), but nobody asked me. At least they gave us passes to come back on a Friday night sometime.

So, instead of that we headed to the free Air Force museum a few miles down the road. Turns out they were having a special event too, but that just made it more fun. It was a motorcycle & car show raising money for a food pantry. Ian liked looking at all the planes, motorcycles, and cars. His favorite thing of all though was the big rocks they used for landscaping. LOL

From Salt Lake City

From Salt Lake City

From Salt Lake City


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