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Monday, August 24, 2009


We went to IKEA today.

It was the first time we had been there, and wow, it really is a destination unto itself. Hands down the most child-friendly store I've ever been in. Lots of toys, train tables, and fun little tunnels throughout the store. The family restroom had toys (maybe hard to keep clean but a good thought) and free diapers. They even had a drop off daycare. Plus, the whole entryway smelled of cinnamon buns-it was almost torture.

We were looking for a new bed or beds. We'd love to be able to bunk the kids. This bed looks awesome-it's only 45" high and you can comfortably fit another mattress underneath.

Only problem is that it's about 1/2" too long to fit in our slideout, even if we take off the window boxes. So close! Oh well. We looked at the other junior beds (63" long) and tried to figure out if we could make the legs taller to get Rinnah underneath, but we have some serious doubts about our abilities to make that happen. Thinking of the vent cover and closet shelf that have sat uninstalled in the trailer for a month now did little to boost our confidence. So we left empty-handed, save for the clothes for Rinnah I bought from Craigslist. We met the lady in the parking lot.

At least Ian had fun playing with the trains.


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