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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Off the grid

Yesterday we started out at the railroad museum again. Last week they gave us a pass for free admission and a free ride on the Galloping Goose, so after we packed up the trailer we headed to the museum. When Ian realized where we were, he could hardly contain himself and practically skipped into the building to play with the train set in the gift shop. We were able to look around at a few of our favorite things and then go for a ride on this:

From Wyoming

It's basically a limo that was converted to run on rails towing a boxcar. It was the company's cheap solution to keep the mail contract when mining silver wasn't profitable. It got its name from the way it waddles side to side as it goes down the track. We rode at about 10-15mph and it was pretty waddly and pretty bumpy. The tourist excursions used to go 35mph for 8 hour trips-let me just say I would not be interested. LOL It was fun for a few minutes, but the bumps and waddling could really get to you after awhile, especially going faster.

After the railroad museum we packed up and headed off to Wyoming on our way to Utah. We'd found out about a free campground about halfway to Salt Lake City, about ten miles off the highway. Sounded good. As we entered the area, we saw signs for "Open Range". Well, they meant it.

From Wyoming

Definitely off the grid. No cell signal, no hookups, and wide open space as far as you can see. The scenery was gorgeous. We were right along a river, with big cliffs on one side. In this pic, the river is behind us, a little past the fence.

From Wyoming

It was a lot nicer than staying at a Walmart, since the kids got to play outside for awhile and we even had a campfire and s'mores. It was different to be so far out-it was our first night without electricity-but we had a nice time together and it was kind of neat to not have the distraction of computers, phones, or electronic gizmos. We had breakfast for dinner (the stove is propane) and had a very nice time.

At our first stop this morning, we discovered we had a stowaway!
From Wyoming

Yep, that's a cute little mouse who is quite surprised to find itself at a truck stop in western Wyoming. I'm guessing he was curled up next to the nice warm engine last night and didn't get out of bed on time. When we got out for lunch he had tucked himself under the windshield wiper. I was afraid we'd have to drive with him like that, but by the time we finished lunch he had found a new place to hide. We're hoping he sprinted off to safety in the bushes, but it's definitely possible he's still in the truck.

Now we're almost to Salt Lake City. The place we're hoping to stay at doesn't take reservations for the monthly sites, it's just first-come, first-served. We'll have to check it out and see if we'll stay there or the place down the road.


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