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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Making plans

It's been a relaxed few days. Last night Jeremy & I got to go out on a date night while my mom watched the kids-it's been awhile since we had a babysitter. That was nice.

Today we went down to Boulder for awhile. We didn't get to see a lot besides the restaurant where we had a delicious lunch, but the kids did get to ride a little trolley/train thing which they both enjoyed.

We've been working on a vague schedule for the next few months. It feels weird to be picking dates, but we're trying to get monthly rates at campgrounds and still avoid winter in Washington state.

We are really enjoying our time in the RV. I can't get over how much more time we seem to have with the kids and how much more we are able to do and see, even with taking plenty of days off.


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