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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Railroad Museum

Today we went to visit the Colorado Railroad Museum. It was really interesting. They had so many different trains, mostly really old ones. Some had been restored and some you could walk inside. They also had some pretty impressive models set up. Today also turned out to be a special event day, where they had an actual steam locomotive running to give rides in a circle around the museum. It was pretty neat.

After lunch & naps, we actually went back. Ian's favorite thing was playing with the Thomas train set in the gift shop. He played with that for another 45 minutes while Jeremy & I took turns seeing the last few locomotives outside that we had missed in the morning. The people at the train museum were really nice-we were disappointed that Ian hadn't gotten to meet the railroad dog that was advertised but didn't show up and also that he hadn't been able to ride in the top of the caboose. They ended up giving us free admission and a ride on the train they're running next weekend, even without our asking. I thought that was very nice.

We also made a trip to the bookstore hoping to get a newer atlas, since we have encountered many locations now where the road has changed since our 2005 atlas was created. But wouldn't you know, the one I was hoping for, Borders carries the Italy, Spain, and Britain version in stores but the US one is only available online. If you asked me which one I thought people would be more likely to buy, I definitely would have said the US, so go figure. At any rate I was able to pick up a Photoshop book at 40% off (which made it the same price as Amazon without waiting for shipping) so it was still worth the trip.


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