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Friday, July 31, 2009


We got this close to the hot air balloon today

From Loveland CO 2nd visit

We even rode in the van to the launch point. But the fog didn't lift so no balloon ride for us. Sigh.

Since we had most of the morning free, we packed up and headed back to Loveland today. On the way we stopped at a Stride-Rite outlet and got Rinnah a little pair of walking shoes. She'll stand on her own now and has taken a step at a time, so we know walking is right around the corner and we wanted something close-toed with a sole for walking outside on the rocks and sand. Her feet are too little for most of the walking shoes though-they only had two pairs of shoes in the store that would work for her. So we got these for $15. I think they're cute!

We're at a new RV park and now our trailers are parked facing opposite ways, so the doors face each other and we have a little yard in between. It's nice. Ian learned to play baseball tonight!

From Loveland CO 2nd visit

From Loveland CO 2nd visit

From Loveland CO 2nd visit


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