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Friday, August 7, 2009

Still here

We were hoping to move to the next campground today. It's pretty close to downtown Denver, so we wanted to spend tomorrow at a museum while Jeremy's off work. Unfortunately, I apparently have very unlucky timing with telephone calls, because by the time I got through to the campground she had just given away the last site for the night. Oh well.

So today turned into grocery shopping and a little reorganization. I was so pleasantly surprised with the storage space when we moved in that I have been couponing again. Not to the extent I was, but our food stockpile is definitely growing again. I'm slowly taking over more and more storage space with food. It's all things we'll eat and will stay good for awhile-like the 12 boxes of poptarts I got today for 27cents each-but I think we could go at least a month now buying only milk and bread. It's just so hard to pass up the deals!


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