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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Denver Children's Museum

I'm not sure what little boy I had today, but he was amazing! The little boy who was here all day was patient at the doctor's office, quiet and helpful at the grocery store, quick to go to sleep at naptime, and happy to share toys with Rinnah. He even comforted her in the car when she was upset. Could it be a new attitude to go with the new haircut? At any rate, I'll keep him!

The children's museum was open late today, so after naps & work we headed out there since Ian had been so good. The kids had a blast! This is by far the best museum we've been to for young kids. Ian could enjoy the majority of the museum. Even if he wasn't doing all the detailed activities, almost every area had something he had fun participating in. And the area for itty bitties is outstanding. Rinnah had all sorts of places to climb on and in, and toys to play with.

From Denver

Ian LOVES these wooden trains and gets so excited when we find them now
From Denver

Rinnah enjoys the trains too!
From Denver

Going grocery shopping
From Denver

Playing peek-a-boo with the doors
From Denver


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