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Thursday, April 16, 2009

So much for that idea

Well, we don't have a screen room installed. It's the wrong size for our awning, so I have to figure out how we can exchange it. Bummer.

We did get the rest of our things from amazon. We got a tire gauge that's huge-long enough to reach to the inner wheel of the pair on our truck & trailer. We also got a water filter for the RV, a heavy duty flashlight, and a set of orange cones so we can practice driving on Saturday.

This morning I took the kids to Springfield to meet up with my babywearing friends at the park. It had been a few months since I'd been able to go, and it was nice to catch up with people. It's amazing how much bigger all their kids are-I remember some of them from a year or two ago. Somehow it seems like they are aging faster than my kids. Probably since I only see them every few months.

It was a little strange to see a three month old who was only a pound lighter and an inch shorter than Rinnah. My little peanut is so tiny and petite! It's nice to be able to carry her easily and keep her rearfacing forever, but I hope she hits a little growth spurt soon.


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