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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Today was Easter! It was a wonderful day celebrating the resurrection of our Lord. We went to church, had lunch with my mom, and Ian even got to have a little Easter egg hunt in her travel trailer. After naptime, we came home and called Jeremy's parents on Skype. It was a nice day.

Yesterday afternoon, after the garage sale was over, and today both, we had quiet afternoons. It was really wonderful to have a little slower day. It's been weeks now that we've been going practically nonstop. I almost felt guilty because there was something else I should be doing. And there probably was. But we still very much enjoyed the chance to sit and relax for awhile during the day when we weren't too exhausted to appreciate it.

I think things will be slowing down a bit now, finally. We just need to maintain our house for awhile. The van is sold, the truck is bought and here, and the camper is here. We've got some shopping to do, and we really need to practice driving the camper, but it should be at a more realistic pace now for the next few weeks before we have another big push to get things ready to leave.

I was thinking again today about how a financial adviser would probably tell us this whole thing is a pretty ridiculous idea. We bought a vehicle new and sold it less than 6 months later. We're selling our home to buy an asset that depreciates in value instead of appreciating. We turned down a sizable bonus and raise for Jeremy by not moving to Cleveland. We're not buying a house when interest rates are at record lows. But you know what? I think our lives will be much richer this way. I am so thankful that Jeremy and I are on the same page and that neither of us is primarily motivated by money. Our lives would be a lot less interesting if we were basing our decisions solely on which would put us ahead financially. And I'm glad we'll be able to teach our kids that there are more important things than money to base your decisions on-go where God leads you, and do what's best for your family. All the rest will fall into place.


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