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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A little brag

Just wanted to brag about my husband a little bit.

He always helps around the house. He does all the dishes and yard work, and helps with other cleaning too. He values what I do all day and always is ready to help when he's finished with work. Today I was out with the kids doing grocery shopping when he finished work, and when I came home he was washing dishes. I'd never find him lounging in front of the tv expecting to have the evening to relax after working all day. We are really a team with everything around here, and I love that about him.

Some of my online buddies have been commiserating lately about their husbands acting like the wives don't do anything all day, and the husbands expect to have a couple evenings a week and sometimes an entire weekend to disappear with buddies while the wives never get a break....I am so thankful that my husband isn't like that. He is considerate and respectful and thoughtful. This was a good reminder about what a great husband I have. I am so excited to take this RV trip with him!


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