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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's here!

Jeremy made it back with our new truck today! So far the only downside is that there's only one key, so we'll need to get some copies made. We'll have a mechanic take a look at it soon. It's very nice so far-all the features we wanted without any of the ones we didn't want to pay for. And tomorrow we'll be able to pull right up to our trailer and hitch on to bring it home on Thursday. Pics will follow tomorrow, since it's already dark tonight.

It's all becoming a little more real now, seeing the truck in our driveway instead of a minivan. We're getting excited! So far we've spent all this time moving out of our house, it will be exciting to work on moving in to the trailer.

Tomorrow night we'll be spending the night in the camper, at the dealer's campground. That will be an adventure-getting kids to sleep in a new bed in a new place, learning how to work all the systems, trying to get a feel for what furniture we'll want where. A big step closer to our final goal!


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