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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another showing

We had another showing of our house today. This one came at much less notice, just a few hours as I was sitting down to get Rinnah to take a nap and then work on garage sale items. We didn't want to say no though, so we hid the piles of laundry we had just taken out of the truck & camper and did a quick cleaning job to make the house presentable. In some ways it was easier since we hadn't been around for a few days.

I've been working on getting more things ready for the next garage sale, since quite a lot of our things weren't priced and ready for the last one. Other than that, I feel like we're almost to a standstill with progress on moving into the trailer. We've eliminated most items from our house that aren't either a) being used regularly or b) serving a decorative purpose for showing the house. I think we're going to have a few slow weeks and then a crazy crunch right at the end to get everything out.

My brother Jon is in town this week, and it's been nice to spend some time with him. The next time we'll see him is when we're in Colorado. Hopefully we'll get to play some board games together before he leaves.


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