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Friday, April 24, 2009

Children's Museum

Today I took Ian and Rinnah to the children's museum in Bloomington. They had a blast! Hopefully soon we'll have a better connection so I can upload some pictures. Ian was able to do and enjoy so much more than he was when we went last summer, and it was neat to hear him talking about what he was doing. Rinnah loved the area for little kids, especially the slide and a little padded climber toy.

After the museum we came back for lunch. Both kids fell asleep for 15 minutes in the car which apparently was enough to sabotage naptime for both of them. That was disappointing, but at least it meant that Rinnah slept in the car the first few hours. We drove a little over four hours today, which I think was two too many. Halfway there Ian started whining that he was "all done riding big truck". It was a long trip. At least we're not planning on doing that very often.

We arrived at our campsite just after 8, and Ian had been asleep for 20 minutes and Rinnah was very close. We were able to get Ian back down pretty easily, so Jeremy stayed with the kids while I went out with three other moms I've been friends with online for over three years now, since we were all pregnant with babies born in September 2006. It was so great just to get out for a few hours and chat with other ladies. I really appreciated that yime.

Tomorrow we go to the zoo! The weather forecast is king of iffy, so hopefully we won't have much trouble with storms. Ian's going to love the animals.


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