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Thursday, April 23, 2009

First night camping, first minor disaster

Today was the beginning of our first real trip-no dealer training wheels for us this time.

We started off, in typical Weatherford fashion, leaving about an hour later than we said we would. Oops! At any right, we did finally hit the road. We already love our "Exit Now" book which tells us where there are large-vehicle friendly parking lots to stop at. Since we left so late, we didn't want to wait until we got to the campsite to make dinner, so we stopped at a truck plaza and had some really delicious sub sandwiches. Highly recommend "SubWorks" at the Lincoln IL travel plaza.

We pulled into our campsite a little after 8pm. There was lightning everywhere and the wind was picking up, so we figured we were pulling in just in time. We checked in, got our spot, and left the kids in the car while we tried to get things set up as quickly and quietly as possible, given that it was very dark by this point. We got the power and water hooked up, lowered the jacks, and went in to put the slides out.

That's when I heard an unsettling sound, the sound of water rushing in the kitchen. Apparently the faucet was left on, which wouldn't have been a problem except for these great cutting board inserts we have for the sink, which we thought were great for keeping dish soap and things from flying out of the sink while driving. Turns out they also keep water from coming in. Water was pouring all over the floor.

Thankfully, after sacrificing Ian's bath towel, we found that most of the water had been contained to the tile area. A few scrap pieces of carpet filling in as rugs were wet, and there was one part of the carpet that was pretty soaked. But the island containing the kids' clothes was apparently well-sealed, so the damage was minor. We figured something would go wrong the first night; at least it was minor and easily fixed. It was kind of funny now that we think about it.

The kids were exhausted after such a long trip and being up so late, so we didn't have too many protests at bedtime. It's just after 10 and they're *fingers crossed* asleep, so we're ready to head to bed for the night.

Once it's daylight, we'll try to get some pictures of our new rig at the campsite.

We asked Ian what our truck's name is, and he said "Sofa". So much for getting a cute name from the two year old. :) After we asked him a few more times, it morphed into "Soba", so as long as we can verify that it's not a swear word in Chinese or something, we may adopt that as the name of our truck.


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