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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good experience

Our first night (and day) in our new house didn't go quite as smoothly as we hoped, but overall it was a good experience.

We had some snafus with the truck-we had to replace a valve stem on a tire, and then a battery. That took awhile, but two repair places later it was done. We did get to do the walk through, although not quite as leisurely or as thoroughly as I had hoped. I had to put Rinnah down for a nap during the time, and keep Ian entertained. About half of it got on the video. Hopefully we'll be able to keep everything straight.

We did not get to practice driving though. Because of the snafus with the truck and how long they took to fix, I ended up coming home with the kids before we even got to pull the trailer. Jeremy didn't get any practice, he just hopped straight on the highway and managed to drive safely to our old church to park for the weekend. Maybe next weekend we'll be able to get some orange cones and go out to a big abandoned parking lot and do some practice, because right now both of us are pretty intimidated about the idea of backing that monster into a spot at a campground.

The night and day in the trailer was a very helpful though, just to get a feel for what things will be like. There are several things on our shopping list that have jumped up in priority. We also have some ideas on furniture layouts. I think we're going to ditch all the living room furniture that came with the trailer, and see if we can find a different couch to put on the side with tall windows. That will be our only furniture then, leaving plenty of room for the kids' beds and toys. We got them these beds that fold up small and fast.

I think they're the perfect combination for us between being big enough for Ian, even when he is 4, and being small enough to not take up a ton of space when we have two set up in the living room. And with one side of the room free of permanent furniture, they should fit much better.

It was nice to see that all the sewer/water/electric hookup stuff was easier than we expected. I think maintenance will be very doable and take less time than we thought, as long as we can keep checklists and reminders for seasonal things. That's reassuring.

In the middle of trying to get the truck fixed so we could bring the trailer home, we got a call that someone wants to see our house tomorrow. Yes, this is good news, but made the rest of the day rather insane! I took the kids to my mom's house, put Ian down for a nap and then worked on pricing and organizing things for our garage sale which starts tomorrow morning. Eventually Jeremy was able to pick up the trailer and bring it to town. We got that parked, then he helped with the kids and garage sale stuff until we really had to get home to get the kids in bed. Then we did a quick clean of the house so it will be ready to show. Still not sure exactly how things will be working in the morning with vehicles, but we'll figure it out.

Wouldn't it be something if the people liked the house and we ended up needing to move into the trailer a month early!


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