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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Less than two months

until we leave!

We went over to the trailer today while the realtor had our house open, and once again Ian was convinced we were moving in. We told him yesterday about how we'd be going to the zoo in a few days to see his friends, so as soon as we got in the trailer he said, "animal trip?" Poor guy! Maybe we should stop telling him we're going places until we're actually on our way.

We did finish getting the water tanks cleaned out (they had been sitting with bleach water to sanitize them) and I brought over a bunch of things for our trip this weekend. I was pleasantly surprised at how little room we actually took up with the food, toys, and clothes that I brought today. Obviously we'll have quite a lot more when we're actually moving in, but I think the storage is more than adequate. It will just be a matter of good organization so things are easy to get to.

Tomorrow the plan is for me to do some grocery shopping and finish loading the trailer during the day. Once Jeremy's done with work, we'll be hitting the road as soon as possible to stay at a campground near Bloomington. This way on Friday we can try out our basic day idea-I'll take the kids to the children's museum in the morning while Jeremy works in the trailer, then come back so we can have lunch together and the kids can take a nap. Once the kids are up from their nap (hopefully around 3 or 3:30), we'll hit the road to go the rest of the way to Milwaukee Friday night. Saturday we'll meet our friends at the zoo-it sounds like 9 or 10 families are planning on coming now, so that should be a lot of fun.

We're excited about taking our first real trip!


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