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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Getting ready for a trip

We're starting to get ready for our trip this weekend. We're going to Milwaukee to meet up with some friends who have kids Ian's age. We'll go to the zoo, and we're going to stop by and hopefully see a few people in the Chicago area on our way home. Still trying to figure out the details on where to stay, but I'm sure it will work out.

I am a little concerned about the kids sleeping though. We brought their new beds in the house and set them up, trying to get the kids used to them so it wouldn't be such a huge adjustment. Totally backfiring. Rinnah stopped napping since we brought hers in, and Ian loves to 'jump' on his-well, really more of a full-force belly flop than a jump-but won't actually sleep in it. They've got to adjust eventually....right?

I also need to call the dealer tomorrow about the water pump. Hopefully they'll say something like, "Did you open the thingamajig first?" and we'll feel dumb but relieved. I'd rather not have to take it all the way to Chatham again to be repaired.

In non-rv news, Ian has started a new bedtime tradition. When he gets ready for bed, he has me and Jeremy sit down while he sits in the big rocking chair, and he sings us a song. It's adorable! Every once in awhile there's an intelligible word like "truck", but mostly he's just babbling in a sing-song voice. It's so precious. I hope he'll do it for the video camera sometime soon.


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