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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Garage Sale

Today was a much bigger success for the garage sale. In fact, we made nearly double the money I was hoping for. Woohoo! We can really get a list together now of the things we need for the camper and start shopping.

It was both exciting and dismaying to see this all come together. I was shocked at how many things I had out, and priced, even though there were boxes and boxes more still to be priced and organized. I was very happy to see the totals so much higher than I had hoped, but also quite appalled that we had so much junk that we haven't been using and probably will never miss. Granted, not all of it was junk-a lot of it was things that I had gotten paid to take home from Walgreens and was now selling for a profit, like Glade flameless candles and toothbrushes-but a lot of it really was just junk. Here are a few pictures of the tables set up. Most of this is ours. A little is my mom's, but then again these pictures were taken after the first rush died down and a lot of things had already sold.


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