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Monday, April 6, 2009

Add one more to the list

of things we said we'd never do, then actually did.

We bought a truck today on ebay. We didn't even know about this truck yesterday. But we looked this morning and there it was, a pretty blue, with a heavy duty fifth wheel hitch already installed, automatic...pretty much everything we were hoping to find down to the stereo with an aux input. And it was cheaper than any other truck we looked at. It's in Chicago, so Jeremy's going to pick it up tomorrow.

We also sold our van today to the dealer. We may have come out ahead in the long run by waiting for a private seller, but we needed the truck and we know we'll need to buy gear for the camper, so rather than have our cash tied up in an extra car payment each month we went for the quick sale. I think we actually did really well considering we bought a brand new car and then sold it to a dealer less than six months later.

We're becoming kind of impulsive, spontaneous people, aren't we?


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