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Saturday, April 11, 2009

More on our first day in the new house

The first day in the new house was not what we expected. We had ended up staying a good part of the day waiting for the truck to be repaired. So for awhile, Jeremy was working, Rinnah was taking a nap, we had already done our walkthrough, but I couldn't go anywhere because Rinnah may wake up and we were waiting to hear back about the truck. All that meant Ian and I had some time where we needed to be out of the camper but couldn't leave the campground. We went over to the playground and he really enjoyed himself. It was kind of strange to be forced to sit still, since we've been working at a breakneck pace to get the house ready and get everything in order for picking up the camper. But it was really nice too. I kept thinking about how great it will be when we have more time for moments like that, just enjoying the nice day at the playground. Sure, I'll still need to cook, clean, and run errands. But I'm really hoping that by spending less time cleaning, and less time taking care of our stuff, that I'll have more time to just focus on the kids and enjoy the outdoors. And it will also be neat to be able to visit so many different museums and parks.

Here's Ian on the playground:

Playing with sticks

This swing was hung at the perfect height for him

Oh, and our camper is officially christened by Ian. Within 30 minutes of getting inside, he had crunched cheese crackers into the carpet, broken a toy, and peed on the floor. Ah, the joy of toddlers.


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